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The main goal

The main goal

The main goal of the AJI «Alliance “For Budget Transparency”»

Generation of effective technologies and mechanisms on ensuring successful interactions between state structures and civil society in budgetary policy of Kyrgyz Republic as well as raising level of budget awareness among population.


  • Facilitation to the process of improving awareness and proactiveness of civil society in budgetary processes in Kyrgyzstan;
  • Development of informational education policy within the framework of promoting budgetary hearings and budgetary transparency;
  • Development of partnership and cooperation with the state structures, ministries and local self-government bodies on the issues of budget transparency;
  • Influencing state budgetary policy through lobbying interests of civil society;
  • Facilitation to institutional development of the Alliance members;
  • Exchanging experience and to cooperation with similar networks in international arena.

In order to increase transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the budget, the Alliance:

  • conducts research on fiscal policy and process;
  • monitors, analyzes and evaluates budgetary policy and process;
  • promotes national and local awareness campaigns;
  • develops mechanisms to ensure efficiency and transparency of the state budget;
  • improves public awareness of budget issues through the media;
  • actively participates in the development of budgetary policy;
  • promotes the establishment of partnerships between government agencies and civil society, fostering open dialogue;
  • contributes to the advancement of the common interests of the Alliance members in the development of public policy;
  • together with civil society and other local and international organizations, contributes to the establishment of a more business climate in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • contributes to the timely receipt by members of the Alliance of relevant information and network services related to their activities in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • ensures further growth and strengthening of the financial stability of the Alliance, for the reliability of the fulfillment of its tasks and goals in the future.


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